Company data
Office Maruto Instrument Co., Ltd. .
4-1, 2-chome, Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003, Japan.
TEL: [81] (3) 6801-0727   FAX: [81] (3) 6801-2478
Incorporated August 17, 1972
Paid-in Capital ¥36,000,000
Directors Yoshimasa Kanno, President
Annual sales volume ¥600,000,000
Banking Information Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Hongo Branch, Tokyo, Japan
Company outline
Over the past 40 years, we have been developing and manufacturing scientific equipments and supplies for use in material analysis, contributing for the scientists and researchers to solve the problems of sample preparations of physics, engineering, bio-medical, etc.

Recently, we have added electron microscopes and evaluation equipments to our line of products. We have been making every efforts to solve the most challenging problems, utilizing the latest techniques to provide our customers with total support and satisfaction.

In our laboratory, we have our main machines (cutting machines, lapping machines, observational instruments) for the customes to make a test, to find out cutting and grinding conditions, with our extensive knowledge and experience, at free of charge.
Our business
We support our customers to perform materials research on:
Physics :   Single crystal material, compound semiconductors, rocks, minerals, meteorites, etc.
Engineering :   Concrete, Plate Bearing test. Rock dynamics. Coring.
Bio-medical :   Undecalcified ground sections of hard tissue of teeth and bones.
Thin sections containing an implant. bone histomorphometry.
Otoliths of fish. Strength test apparatus of bones.
New materials :   Production, processing and evaluation of advanced ceramics.
Sometimes, we give a short training course on advanced ceramics.
Processing new materials.
Education :   Experimental instruments at primary school, middle school, and high school.
Cutting machine
Crystal Cutter, Neo Expensive  MC-623Ex
This machine is developed for single-cutting or multi-cutting super hard materials
such as advanced ceramics (HP-Si3N4, HP-ZrO2, HP-SiC), cemented carbide, etc., accurately and efficiently. The feed rate of work table ranges widely. The depth of cut and the feed rate may be varied to achieve optimum results with your sample. With our accumulated experience, it is designed with high rigidity to minimize chipping and crack.
Lapping machine
Doctor-lap Ace ML-482A
This is a table type lapping machine with a 250mm diameter lapping plate (optionally 300mm), and 125mm diameter Power head to process samples very efficiently. Variable speed and pressure of Power Head will allow operator to select and meet the most demanding laboratory requirements.